General Terms of purchase

With these General terms of purchase, the company “AZA” d.o.o., Stari Ledinci, Vuka Karadzica Street 16, (hereinafter: “Seller”) defines the conditions, rights and obligations that the Seller and the Buyer have in the process of ordering, payment, delivery, returns and complaints for goods purchased on the Seller’s website.

The Seller is “AZA” d.o.o., Stari Ledinci, Vuka Karadzica Street 16, MB: 08721165, PIB: 100639765.

The buyer of the goods is any individual who places at least one product in the seller’s cart via the website, pays via bank transfer (general payment slip) or credit card, or decides to pay for the goods upon delivery, and notifies the Seller of the order (payment) electronically.

The Seller’s website is

The website displays retail and/or promotional prices.

The currency of payment is the Serbian dinar (RSD).


Products are ordered by adding the item to the “cart” on the Seller’s website.

After adding the item to the cart, the Buyer can continue browsing and adding new items or complete the purchase and payment of the selected items.

Before payment, the Buyer should enter personal and contact information, as well as delivery information (place of delivery with as complete information as possible).

The Seller only requires personal information for the proper execution of the purchase.

Delivery and activation methods, as well as the delivery deadline, are described in detail on the Payment and Delivery Methods page.

The buyer can pay for the goods in cash or with cards, but if the delivery is paid on delivery, it must be paid in cash or by bank transfer (general payment slip). Detailed payment terms are described on the Payment and Delivery Methods page.

Card payments are made through a card payment processor that guarantees security for all transactions made. Card payment is only not possible if the goods are paid on delivery.

Payment by general payment slip (bank transfer) is made through a bank, post office, internet banking, or other financial institution/service.

Before completing the order, the buyer is required to confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions of this online store defined through the general terms of purchase.

The delivery deadline is specified in the details of each item.

Delivery deadlines can be changed, and the seller will inform the buyer of any changes.

If the seller is unable to deliver all ordered products, they will notify the buyer by email or phone.

The buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the entered data, and if the data entered is incomplete or incorrect, the seller cannot be held responsible in case of inability to establish contact with the buyer.

Complaints and claims

The buyer can send a complaint or inquiry to the Seller by mail to the Seller’s address or via email. The Seller’s contact details, which are also the contact details of customer service, are displayed on the Contact page.

The buyer does not have the right to unilaterally terminate the contract:

• After the service has been fully provided without defects or shortcomings, or after the product has been delivered to the buyer’s address without damage or non-conformity;

• After the expiration of a period of 14 days from the day the goods come into the buyer’s possession;

• After the buyer has unsealed the sealed goods that can no longer be used for health and hygiene reasons.

The Seller determines the conditions of return and the percentages of reduction in the amount refunded to the buyer due to the reduction in the value of the product.

The Seller informs the buyer of the specific characteristics of certain products for which it is not possible to check the functionality without handling the product due to technical characteristics.

The buyer is obliged to check the product characteristics listed on the Seller’s website.

The buyer should inspect the product, its nature, features, and functionality. If the buyer notices any defects, they should inform the Seller as soon as possible and return the product without using it, as any further handling of the product implies that the buyer is satisfied with it.

General warranty conditions

The warranty does not cover defects, damages, and malfunctions caused by improper and incorrect handling.

The complaint resolution procedure is conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection (“Official Gazette of RS”, no. 62/2014, 6/2016 – other law, and 44/2018 – other law) as well as the provisions of the Law on Electronic Commerce (“Official Gazette of RS”, no. 41/2009, 95/2013, and 52/2019).

You have the right to replace defective products if it is clearly visible on the product that the error did not occur due to improper use but due to manufacturing, packaging, or transportation errors. If the damage occurred during packaging or transportation, the buyer is obliged to request that the courier service draw up a report that will record the damage.

The warranty is valid from the day of purchase of the product until the expiration of the warranty period, which is confirmed by proof of purchase.

The warranty provider guarantees that the product is of the prescribed quality and will function properly if the consumer follows the enclosed instructions for use.

The warranty provider undertakes directly or through the service provider to, at the request of the warranty holder and within the warranty period, at its own expense, eliminate defects and technical deficiencies of the product that occur during proper use, or replace the product.

The warranty provider undertakes directly or through the service provider to respond to the consumer without delay within 7 days of receiving the complaint, with a statement on the submitted request and a proposal for its solution.

The warranty provider will not recognize the warranty:

• if the user did not follow the product instructions for use,

• if the product was serviced by an unauthorized person or non-original parts were installed,

• if the user handled the product improperly and carelessly,

• if the damage occurred due to the effect of mechanical force.

Guarantee request:

In case you are making a guarantee request, you should send the item, along with the original proof of purchase (invoice, guarantee certificate and extended warranty confirmation) to the seller’s address.

If the delivered item is not in conformity with the contract concluded between the Seller and the Buyer, the Buyer shall have all rights provided by the Law on Consumer Protection of the Republic of Serbia.

The Buyer has the right to complain about the goods in the following cases:

• delivery of goods that were not ordered

• delivery of goods that have defects or damages that did not occur during transport

• other cases in accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection.

The Seller will approve the return of the goods to the Buyer upon receipt of a justified complaint by e-mail, in writing, or by fax with instructions for returning the goods.

In case of impossibility to replace the product, the Seller will reimburse the Buyer for their costs of returning the goods and the value of the goods that they are no longer able to deliver.

In case of return of goods that did not occur due to the fault of the Seller, the buyer bears all manipulative costs that have arisen.

In accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection, for every online purchase, the Buyer has the right to unilaterally terminate the Contract within 14 days from the day of receipt.

Be sure to send the undamaged packaging of the product along with the product.

The Buyer bears the transport costs when unilaterally terminating the Contract.

If any of the above requirements are not met, we will not be able to accept your request.

Privacy statement

The seller is committed to protecting customers’ personal data. The seller only collects personal data of customers that are necessary for fulfilling the purchase. All user data is strictly confidential and only accessible to the seller’s employees who require the data for performing their job.

Collection and use of information

During the process of providing the requested service, as well as for providing notifications and information related to the seller’s services, the seller solely uses the information and data that the customer agrees to provide. The seller commits to not selling, showing, or providing customers’ personal data to a third party in any manner not stated in this statement.